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It was the dead of winter in the early 1930s when newlyweds Henry and Ann Pennypacker were invited to visit the wilds of Montana’s Rocky Mountains and jumped at the chance. One visit was all it took for them to fall in love with the pristine beauty of the wilderness and decide to create a life for themselves in the wild west. Leaving behind their glamorous lives in Paris, the always adventurous couple fully embraced their new lives in Montana, exchanging the sophisticated luxury of France for the romantic appeal and natural beauty of this majestic land.

Years later in 2006, history repeated itself. Another adventurous young couple, Michelle and Ralph Cruz, also visited Montana at the invitation of a friend, and fell in love with the wild, unspoiled beauty of the land. They immediately started to look for land and settled on 1000 acres in the heart of Montana’s Swan Valley. The dream was to build a luxury modern retreat where they could unite with family and friends, while paying honor to the majesty of the land and all the homesteaders who came before it. Stonemasons, carpenters, artisans and arborists were brought in to capture their vision and make their dream a reality.

Now sharing the idyllic beauty of the home they created, Holland Peak Ranch is available on select dates as an exclusive, private rental retreat for groups of up to 18 guests looking to capture that same spirit of adventure and connection. 

Historical black and white picture
Historical black and white picture of woman skiing
Historical 1930s black and white photo

In the early 1930’s, original homesteaders Henry and Ann Pennypacker were living a life of glamour in Europe before their adventurous move to Montana.

Black and white historical photo of western woman roasting food on campfire
Black and white photo of young woman in snow shooting gun on ranch in Montana
Historical picture at Holland Peak Ranch mountain retreat in Montana
Historical picture at Holland Peak Ranch mountain retreat in Montana

The newlywed couple fully embraced their newfound home and built a life in Montana’s exotic wilderness.

Historical plaque at Holland Peak Ranch mountain retreat in Montana

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