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With three luxury residences and over 1,000 acres of scenic prairies, lakes and unspoiled woods to explore, Holland Peak Ranch is a one-of-a-kind, private mountain retreat for family reunions, special celebrations, corporate events or just friends looking for an unforgettable experience together. It’s a place to gather and celebrate with friends. To get close to nature and each other. To unwind. To create memories and share memories. Located in Montana’s picturesque Swan Valley, Holland Peak Ranch combines luxurious amenities and breathtaking serenity with an idyllic scenic setting for hiking, water and other recreational activities, both on and off the ranch. The ranch has a capacity of up to 18 guests, and is available solely on a whole ranch, exclusive rental basis.

Our Story

While on a trip to Montana twelve years ago, I fell in love. Not just with the landscape, but with the feelings it brought out in me and my family. The serenity and balance. The rediscovered joy of simple walks and board games. The intimacy of family conversations. It’s not just the quiet, but the lack of noise that soothes your soul. Amidst this quiet landscape, I found a new connection to nature. To myself and to my family. To the many friends that visited throughout the years. A place to recharge, reconnect with those I love, and be able to return to my modern life with newfound strength, inspiration and motivation. This is what I hope you find at Holland Peak Ranch. And this is what I hope you take with you when you leave.

Ralph Cruz, Owner
Man and woman galloping on horses in field with Rocky Mountains in background at Holland Peak Ranch retreat in Montana
Ralph and daughter Misha enjoying time at Holland Peak Ranch
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Couple wearing cowboy hats with two children at Holland Peak Ranch retreat in Montana
Your hosts: Jimmy, Stacey, Lilly and Levi

A Word From Your Host

Holland Peak Ranch is a very special place for my family and me. It’s not just where we work, but a place we feel fortunate to call our home. Where we live, play and thrive all year long. Where we have raised a family and watched our children grow up with a deep appreciation for nature and a love and respect for the western way of life. I feel honored to have been part of creating the vision for this unique place from the very beginning twelve years ago, and to help make it into the haven it is today. On your visit, I would be happy to show you around, share my passion for Montana living, and give you a glimpse of this special ranch we call our home.

Jimmy Boyd, General Manager

Interested in the romantic beginnings of the ranch? View our early history.

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